Yubikey Review

What is it?

Yubikey is a hardware security token that offers two factor authentication.  The different models are the Yubikey Standard, Nano, NEO and  VIP.  There are more Yubikeys that come third-party features such as Yubikey + Lastpass, Yubikey + Password Safe.  Yubikey Standard is the basic Yubikey, similar in size to a USB Drive.  Yubikey Nano is the same on the software end as the Standard, but it has been designed  to be kept inside a usb port for long term use.  Yubikey NEO has the standard USB interface and the ability to connect with NFC enabled mobile phones (Android).  It allows you to securely and easily use two-factor authentication on any device that has a USB port or NFC


My opinion

Yubikeys are a very useful tool if you want an easy to use but secure two factor authentication device.  I own a Yubikey Nano and use it with Lastpass to add an extra layer of security.  It fits perfectly into my laptops USB slot, it’s so small that sometimes when I take it out I worry about losing it.  If you are using a laptop and don’t have a lot of USB slots it may be a good choice to trade the small form factor for the bigger size so that when you remove it you wont lose it as easily.  I haven’t been able to try other hardware tokens but Yubikey is wallet friendly and fairly easy to use.  Now if my computer only had more USB slots so I don’t have to worry about losing it when I take it out.




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