A while back Truecrypt shutdown for no apparent reason, there are several theories on why it did.  You can still download a limited copy of Truecrypt, to prevent people from becoming locked out.  You can still use the TrueCrypt 7.1a copy, but there are no updates being made to it and it is somewhat strange that they shutdown out of the blue (TrueCrypt did undergo an audit and passed without any major problems).  For these who are looking to use an encryption program that offers similar features as Truecrypt and has no back doors (that haven’t been discovered), VeraCrypt is a great alternative.  VeraCrypt is a fork of Truecrypt, and it is based of the same code.  VeraCrypt has taken the TrueCrypt code, and fixed several problems and added more features.  Essentially VeraCrypt is the same software, but different developers and more support (as it is still under development).  Note that VeraCrypt has not undergone an audit and for all we know it could be some government agency plot to weaken security standards.  Overall I like VeraCrypt and look forward to using it to keep classified files safe and secure.  (For these still interested in using Truecrypt, you can download the fully functional file here, make sure to verify what you download with the hashes).

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