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Why Bitcoin?

Why do people like Bitcoin?  The technology behind it is pretty sweet, it allows anyone to be their own bank regardless of where they are from or who they are.  No government has real control over it, they can attempt to control it but in reality they can’t.  It is also much more secure if everything is set up properly, with cold storage I have never heard of anyone getting hacked.  Bitcoin is way more private than any other currency, you can exchange in person or send Bitcoin across the globe without anyone knowing who you are.  The government cant change its value because they want to get rid of debt, no one controls its price.  I love Bitcoin because of all these reasons and its a cool new technology that can have huge effects on the world.  Its also really exciting to use, I have no need to carry around cash or a credit card because I can pay my friend in Bitcoins using my phone.  Recently there was a comparison between Bitcoin and Western Union, Western Union didn’t like the comparison and sent out a copyright notice.