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An April Fools Executive Order

On April Fools, President Obama passes a new executive order that allows American authorities to seize cryptocurrencys without warning.  The order itself is very vague but many supports of Bitcoin believe it is aimed at halting any donations to Snowden’s legal fund.  But in instead of preventing donations to Snowden’s legal fund, it in fact caused more donations.  Since the order was passed, the number of transactions have reached.  The donations range from a few cents to as much as two thousand dollars (his legal fund).  One Reddit user Kayrice donated 33 cents and announced on Reddit “Please come arrest me. I live in Oregon and my name is Kristopher Ives and you can reach me at 503-383-1047.”  Since Kayrice has donated to Snowden’s legal fund, there have been many more donations. 

Software Wallets with Trezor (Electrum)

You do not have to use myTrezor with your Trezor hardware wallet.  At the moment, there are a handful of wallets  you can use with your Trezor.  The software wallets that work well to an extent are Electrum 2.0, Multibit HD and Greenaddress.it.  There are other software wallets that are planning to support Trezor such as Armory and Bitpay’s Copay.


Electrum happens to be my wallet of choice because it has a lot of features.  One of the most important feature Electrum has in my opinion is the ability to use  a passphrase with Trezor.  Using a passphrase can be risky, because if you forget your passphrase then you lose all your bitcoins, there is no to get them back.  Using Trezor with software wallets is quite easy, easier in my opinion than setting up a new software wallet as the Trezor holds all the important “stuff”.


Initialize the creation of a new wallet


Select the type of wallet


Choose Trezor and Electrum will close, once you reopen it you should be able to use your Trezor with Electrum.  Give Electrum a little time to sync up and you are good to go.



iWF Hosting

iWF Hosting is a web hosting company that offers shared,vps, dedicated and shoutcast servers.  I ended up finding iWF when I asked on Reddit what was a good shared host.  I found it surprising in a way that people warned me to  stay away from some of the largest hosting companies.  On the web hosting subreddit there are a few hosting companies on the sidebar, one in particular stood out.  This was iWF hosting, there pricing was just right, and they offered a huge amount of features.  I stated this in the subreddit and a little while later I had a reply from someone who worked for iWF “Feel free to let us know if you have any questions!”.  Having someone from the company was quiet nice, when it comes to hosting or other digital services.  I find that having an above and beyond customer support team can make the biggest difference between winning a customer over or having him pick another company.  I decided to purchase a month of hosting and duplicate my site.  They had a $4 discount, which let me try it for $0.16 which was awesome.  What was even better, you can pay in Bitcoin, and luckily for me I had a few changetips in my wallet.  The next step was to install WordPress, I talked to the same customer support guy that I talked to earlier.  He told me he could do it for me, so I short while later, I had my WordPress site duplicated and running like nothing ever happened.  For a few dollars more than my previous host, I have an improvement in speed and a hosting plan with far more features.  iWF Hosting is a Cloudflare partner, the greatest benefit of this if for 1$ more you can get access to Cloudflares railgun feature.  Railgun alone normally costs $200 a month, and it improves the caching of your website.  So I decided to add that in as well, and now my website is faster then I thought it would ever be without spending a large amount of money.  I’m supper happy that I found iWF, as for what you pay you are definitely getting your moneys worth and their customer support has to be the best I ever used.  Winhost used to be first, but iWF beat them by helping me do all sorts of things that I didn’t know how to do.  I have no regrets having my website hosted by iWF, I’m glad I went with a smaller host instead of a giant company where your just another customer.  If you want to ask iWF anything you can chat online, send them an email or call; their response times are super-fast.


What is it?

Retroshare is a friend to friend serverless program, it has a built-in email client,instant messaging,group chat,file sharing and Voice over IP.  You connect to other users by exchanging GPG keys, there is no way to connect with anyone as you must exchange keys before you can communicate with anyone.  But friends of friends can can exchange files, creating a chain of users.  Because Retroshare is a friend to friend and not peer-to-peer it is a lot harder to identify and monitor users.  As there are no central servers, no one can shut it down.

Retroshare’s philosophy – “Is all about sharing and communicating with trusted Friends.  This is the core design of Retroshare: a decentralised Friend-2 Friend network, which allows you to share stuff… not with the whole world..but with people you know and trust.”

The Verdict

I love the idea behind peer-to-peer dark nets.  Its strength is its weakness; because its secure its harder to find people who use it.  Now if only more people used this…