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Big Milestone for Cryptosteel

Today is the day that Crytposteel has come out of its beta “phase”.  In celebration they have made a special limited collectors edition Cryptosteel.  The blueprints for Cryptosteel have also been made permanently public on Github.  For the full post/announcement check out Cryptosteel’s blog post here.  And be sure to check in soon as there will be another post about Nitrokey, a secure usb stick that I messed around with.

A Truecrypt vulnerability

For many users who love security, the shutdown of Truecrypt was a big surprise.  One of the major reasons that users of Truecrypt were so surprised  was because the developers left the users in the dark.  No one knew what happened, why they shutdown, all we were told was that it is no longer recommended to use Truecrypt by the developers.  The shutdown of Truecrypt occurred during a crowdfunded audit to make sure it is safe to use.  The audit did not find anything, but in more recent times a security issue has been discovered.  The issue that the audit missed was that anyone with a user account could get access to higher level privileges in the system.  This issue has been fixed in the forks of Truecrypt such as Veracrypt, so you are safe to all current knowledge if you use Veracrypt.

Could this be the reason that the Truecrypt developers decided to shut down the project?  There are countless rumors and ideas that are floating around the web, each one getting us no where.  But this recent discovery is another clue in why they shutdown.



21 Bitcoin’s Mining Computer

21 Inc has recently made a new Bitcoin computer that has multiple functions.  The 21 Bitcoin computer can mine Bitcoins, it can be a digital store on the web, pay people for sharing your links, rent out any internet of things hardware and buy and sell bitcoins.  The 21 computer has a lot of abilities thanks to the fact it has a full data center backend and a mining chip built on top of a raspberry pi.  Note that the bitcoin mining chip inside is quite small and will not make a lot of money for the user.  The idea for including a mining chip is that the user will spend micro payments on internet services.

The 21 Inc computer


As with every new Bitcoin technology, I am always excited to see how it develops and how it is used.  With this computer there are many possibilities, this computer helps spread Bitcoin and the power that comes with it.  These computers could be everywhere, a raspberry pi could be put in all sorts of things helping to grow the Bitcoin network or even fuel other internet of thing applications.  It would be very cool to see every major home appliance having a small Bitcoin computer like this inside of it, powering a decentralized network.

Whiteout Update

A while back I wrote an article about Whiteout mail, a secure end to end email service that uses pgp to keep your messages secure.  When I wrote about Whiteout, they were in a closed beta test.  Now they are open anyone, go to their website to register.  They are also running a Kickstarter funding project to help them finish their project.  The funds from the Kickstarter project will be used to tidy up the project and further develop the project.  I really liked using the Whiteout app, I did not have to create a new account, I just logged into my Gmail account through their app.  With Whiteout you can use your normal email with extra security that is incredibly strong.  I love all security related projects and love seeing what people create to solve problems in the world.  One of the biggest problems in today’s world is insecure communications, and Whiteout does a great job of solving that issue.  Unfortunately their first attempt at running a crowdfunding project did not succeed hopefully it can a second time around.

Facebook adds PGP support

Facebook not lets you receive encrypted email messages, just add your PGP key to your Facebook profile.  This is a good step in the right direction for making the internet a more secure place.  But my main concern is not many people use PGP, so I doubt that a lot of people will make use of this feature.  Of all the people I have met, one or two people have given PGP a go and they do not use apart from the occasional encrypted message.

https://www.facebook.com/notes/protectingthegraph/securingemailcommunicationsfromfacebook/1611941762379302“>Link to Facebook Post

Deposit USD into your Circle account

Circle is a great way to purchase Bitcoin, my prefered service because its quick and easy to use.  Recently they have added a new feature that lets you store USD in your Circle account.  If you want you don’t even have to turn USD into Bitcoin.  If you want to, you can keep your money in USD and use Circle as a efficient and secure system of transferring money.  All of your money is insured so even if someone hacked your account, you wont lose any money.

I love this new feature and can’t wait for it to roll out to my account.  Now I essentially have an ultra secure bank account without any fees.  Because money is sent as Bitcoin not USD, there are no horrible waiting times to deal with.  And if someone does not want to deal with  Bitcoin, they can keep it in their account as USD without having to worry about the fluctuation of the price.  The team behind Circle is really doing a great job, it makes me wonder what other plans they have.  I cant wait to find out!



What is it?

Bitsim is a secure token that lets any mobile phone become a Bitcoin wallet.  The chip goes in the same slot that the sim card goes in, you can use your phone like normal because it leaves room for the sim card.  Bitsim has a huge amount of potential, “There are over 7 Billion SIMs out there in the world that we can address with BitSIM, the opportunity is huge.” (Bitsim).

My Thoughts

As always when I see a new piece of Bitcoin tech, I immediately want to get one to mess around with it.  A small secure chip such as Bitsim can help spread Bitcoin all over because it lets any phone with  a sim port become a wallet.  Just insert the chip, there are no cables or adapters needed, so you can leave it in and never have to worry about it.  This makes using Bitcoin extremely easy because when you have your phone your Bitcoin wallet is with you, all while being super secure.  With Bitsim you phone becomes an ultra secure Bitcoin wallet.