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Ledger Unplugged Review

What is it?

Ledger Unplugged is a credit card sized Bitcoin hardware wallet created by Ledger.  It is a Java Card that uses NFC to communicate, with any device that has NFC support.  The Ledger Unplugged costs $32 U.S Dollars, it costs the same as the Ledger Nano.  I prefer using the Ledger Unplugged over the Ledger Nano mainly due to the fact I end up using my phone with Bitcoin as opposed to my computer(s).

First Impressions

Ledger Unplugged is a very interesting hardware wallet.  The firs thing that comes to mind after unboxing it, is that it is some sort of security card or other card commonly found in a wallet.  I really like how inconspicuous  the Ledger Unplugged is, it wont stand out in a users wallet.  The Ledger Unplugged is one of the best devices for every day mobile use, its easy to carry around and does not need any cables.  It’s the perfect wallet for mobile users.

Apps that you can use it with

There are not a lot of wallets that you can use Ledger Unplugged with.  The apps that you can use with Ledger Unplugged are GreenBits, Mycelium and Copay.  Mycelium is my personal preference for a mobile wallet, it supports hardware wallets and has some interesting features.  Although there are not a huge amount of wallets that support the Ledger Unplugged, the ones that do support it are great and make using Ledger Unplugged super fun and easy.

Setting it up

Setting the Ledger Unplugged up is just as easy as any other Bitcoin wallet.  Setup begins with the Ledger mobile app, once the wallet you can open the wallet in the available mobile apps.  I really like the ability to set up the Ledger Nano on an offline secure system, unfortunately you cannot do this with the Ledger Unplugged.  It would be nice to be able to set up the Ledger Unplugged in a secure environment as Android is not always the safest environment.  The video below is another tutorial by Ledger showing how to set the Ledger Unplugged up.

The Verdict

Of the three hardware wallets that Ledger offers, the Ledger Unplugged is my favorite.  It is hard to go wrong with the simple design, and no wires are needed to use it.  The only thing that the Ledger Unplugged needs is a better mobile app, currently you cannot change your pin code easily.  Also I dislike having the security card for the Ledger Unplugged, it is a security feature and makes your wallet more secure.  But I would not mind having a better alternatives as then I have to keep track of two cards.  I currently carry the Ledger Unplugged and the security card in the sleeve that it came with, the end goal for me would to be just have the Ledger Unplugged in my wallet without another card.  That being said, it is still an awesome wallet and it is the wallet that I use it to keep my funds on my mobile devices secure.  If you tend to use your mobile devices with Bitcoin over desktops or laptops, the Ledger Unplugged is the way to go.  Its a tough call, if you compare the Ledger Unplugged with the Ledger Nano as they sell at the same price.  Although if you are buying your first Bitcoin hardware wallet, I would recommend buying the Ledger Nano so that you are not limited to mobile devices.  If you want to see more content related to Ledger products, check the website or subscribe.  More posts and tutorials are on their way.