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Mega is a cloud storage that offers secure file storage, they are my favorite cloud storage provider because of this.  For free, you get 50GB of space, there are different tiers of storage of all the way up to 40TB.  Mega is very secure because all of the encryption is done before it reaches their servers (AES), so naturally you files are safe and secure.  Whats also nice is Mega is quite fast, I will add a file to my sync folder – and a few seconds later it will be transferred to my other computers.

Mega is my favorite cloud storage service, they offer top of the line security for free and with 50GB of space.  I have not even gotten close to the 50GB limit, but when I need to transfer a bunch of large files – its nice knowing that I can do it for free.  Also it is great for using it with Keepass, an open source and free password manager.  It lets you have access to your passwords and secure notes on any computer without having to worry about your data being hacked as much.  Just don’t store your bitcoin backups here, it may sound like a really good idea – but for large amounts of bitcoin it is safer to never keep the backups where they are connected to the internet (Instead use a thumb drive,USB drive or print it out).