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Deposit USD into your Circle account

Circle is a great way to purchase Bitcoin, my prefered service because its quick and easy to use.  Recently they have added a new feature that lets you store USD in your Circle account.  If you want you don’t even have to turn USD into Bitcoin.  If you want to, you can keep your money in USD and use Circle as a efficient and secure system of transferring money.  All of your money is insured so even if someone hacked your account, you wont lose any money.

I love this new feature and can’t wait for it to roll out to my account.  Now I essentially have an ultra secure bank account without any fees.  Because money is sent as Bitcoin not USD, there are no horrible waiting times to deal with.  And if someone does not want to deal with  Bitcoin, they can keep it in their account as USD without having to worry about the fluctuation of the price.  The team behind Circle is really doing a great job, it makes me wonder what other plans they have.  I cant wait to find out!