Software Wallets Part 2 (Multibit HD)

Multibit is another great software wallet that has support for Trezor.  Multibit is currently in beta, but with Trezor you don’t have to worry about that.  Why?  Because nothing happens to your Trezor if a software wallet goes haywire.  To find out more about the Mulitbit Beta visit this link.  


Multibit is another great software wallet, it’s very easy to use.  The  developers  of Multibit have put in a lot of work to redesign the wallet and so far it is awesome.  Speaking of the developers, if you have any feature requests or questions feel free to ask them.  They are super friendly and often respond soon after you contact them.  Using your Trezor with Multibit is very straightforward, all I did was start Multibit with my Trezor plugged in and Multibit did all the work.

The first screen
The first screen that appears
Enter your Trezor Pin
Enter your Trezor Pin like you do on
The Loading Screen
Almost Done!
The "home" page
The “home” page

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