Proton Mail

ProtonMail is a free email service that offers end to end encryption, that is currently in an invitation only Beta.  ProtonMail is a based in Switzerland, which means they are protected by Swiss Data Laws.  Because its using end to end encryption, all your information is encrypted before it is sent off to the servers.  So if they were forced to hand over any information to a third party, all they have to give is encrypted.  When using ProtonMail, you are not logged and they do not ask for any personal information.  If you want to help fund them, you can pay in Bitcoin so nothing will be tracked back to you.  And the platform is quite easy to use, currently you can only login with your web browser.  This is not a bad thing as their web client is not bad and is quite easy to use.  And if you have someone who isn’t using ProtonMail, you can still communicate securely, just send them an email like normal and they decrypt a PGP message with a password.

I have not used ProtonMail a lot as what I do doesn’t require secure communications.  Also the people I communicate with the majority of the time don’t use PGP encryption, and I bet that they most likely don’t know what it is.  The biggest downfall to PGP encryption is that almost no one uses it except for people who go out of their way to use it.  ProtonMail eleminates the problems that many people have with PGP, all the compicated work is done behind the scenes with ProtonMail.  When using it, its like using Gmail or another free email service.  I hope that when Beta ends, and it opens to the public; a lot of people will use it.  In the past, services that offer great security are often overlooked as it’s not worth the effort to use them.   With ProtonMail, this problem no longer exisits.  For a preview of your ProtonMail’s webclient check out this screenshot.


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