One Plus One Phone

So very recently I got a One Plus One phone.  But what is a smart phone doing on a Bitcoin and security blog? Well I like to write a lot about disruptive technologies, and the One Plus One is very disruptive.  There are a lot of reviews about the phone so I wont go into great detail about the phone, instead I’ll share my thoughts about it.  The hardware in the phone is great, and is on par and if not better than a Samsung Galaxy S5.  I really enjoy using it and I love how I only paid 300$ for a phone that is comparable to an expensive  flagships.  I know I made a good choice buying the phone as almost everything about it is perfect for a smart phone and the price it sells at.  The only problems that I have with the phone are not the worst and can easily be fixed.  My largest issue with the phone is dealing with customer support.  For example I seem to have been experiencing battery issues, which I hopefully fixed.  My problem is that I was getting bounced around from agent to agent, and sometimes it would appear they would not read the previous threads.  One agent told me to flash an update, which would install a new ROM (think of it as an operating system) onto my device to fix a touchscreen problem.  But if the agent read the previous email they would have noticed that the I fixed the problem and was trying to fix another problem.  This sounds somewhat nit picky but if this phone is your only mobile device, you cant have any problems that get in your way of phone working.  So far I the forums community has helped me much more than actual customer support, so the same end result was achieved and sometimes faster.  That is one of the parts I love about the phone, the phone was partly designed for people to mess around with and there are so many different ROMS you can put onto your One Plus One to make it just the way you like it.  This customization “feature” is one of my favorite parts of the One Plus One and very few phones can offer you the same level of customization/flexibility.  If anyone is in search of a new phone, take a look at the One Plus One, it’s a great phone at a great price.  WARNING – there are a few bugs with that are currently being fixed and customer support can be painful to deal with at times.  If you don’t mind putting up with a less than average customer support at the price of a 300$ flagship killer  than go onto the website and buy a phone (or wait until the One Plus 2 comes out).


The Good

  • Low price
  • Great customization
  • Flashing and rooting does not void warranty *
  • Comparable to other flagship smart phones
  • Great community that is very helpful

The Bad

  • Touchscreen issue out of the box
  • Android battery drain bug
  • Less than average customer support
  • Many users report all sorts of different issues
    • I have experienced a touch screen bug (fixed for me)
    • Battery drain – currently fixing/not sure if it’s the normal battery

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