Lighhouse is a new way of crowdfunding projects using the Blockchain, it’s an open source project without a company behind it.  With Lighthouse, there is no middleman, which means the only fee you pay is the fee for sending Bitcoin.  Any one can create a project, regardless of what it is.  The only factor that decides on if a project is successful or not are the people, it uses a all or nothing funding model.  So the project is either fully funded or its not funded.  Once the funding goal is reached, money can be withdrawn from the projects wallet.  Until the money is withdraw from the projects wallet, any pledge can be withdrawn.  Also you can run a project without a third-party file, all you would need is to download the project file and distribute it to people.

I really like the idea behind Lighthouse, there have been many times where I have wanted to start a crowdfunding project but was afraid it wouldn’t be funded.  This makes it quite easy to start a project, it could be a very small amount to a large amount; the choice is yours.


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