How to change your Protonmail theme

Step by Step

  1. Open your Protonmail account in your web browser, your Protonmail web-interface will appear
  2. Click “Settings” in your Protonmail web-interface
  3. Click the “Theme” button, by default a blank text field will appear
  4. Copy everything between BEGIN and END of the css code above, i.e. from this file cohibaSIGNUMws_min.css
  5. Paste the copied text into the blank text field
  6. Click the “Save” button below the text field

Currently there are two themes that I know of.  But I am sure that someone can create their own.

whitesands theme

A child theme of white sands 

Also there has been a pretty large update to Protonmail; for the release notes check out this page.

One thought on “How to change your Protonmail theme”

  1. Leider ist es so dass die neueste Version von Protonmail (2.0.9) third party themes wie meine


    nicht unterstützt.

    Ich empfehle die Verwendung der stabilen, alten Protonmail version 1.16 (login via Bei version 2.0.9 sind massive Fehler in der Benutung aufgetreten, zur Zeit arbeitet anscheinend das Protonmail team an der Behebung.

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