A little while ago I finally got the long-awaited Cryptosteel.  I have waited a very long time, since the start of the crowdfunding project for Cryptosteel’s secure cold storage wallet to be released.  There were a fair amount of roadblocks in the path to getting Cryptosteel to the funders, but these issue are over.  The reason that I am so excited to have a Cryptosteel is because Cryptosteel has made my Bitcoin funds even more secure.  Before Cryptosteel, my seed containing the majority of my funds  was written down on a piece of paper.  Now my seed is a metal plate that is virtually indestructible.  With Cryptosteel, I am safe from outside physical threats, and if you use a hardware wallet you will be secured from physical and software threats.

First Impressions

I was extremely excited to receive the Cryptosteel wallet, so my first impressions were not really diminished by the fact that travel was not kind to the cold wallet.  The wallet of course was intact and there was no physical damage at all.  But the tiny steel letters were all over the place due to the way that they are stored.  With them being loose they became a bit of a hassle to reorganize.  But other than that minor inconvenience I really like it.


There is not a lot to set up with the Cryptosteel, I found “unlocking” to put the tiles inside to be the hardest part.  It is a little tricky to open the Cryptosteel but once you figure it out the first time the rest is easy.  Now the issue of all the tiles arriving loose are a pretty big issue as they are shipped out organized, and without this organization I have to sort through a large amount of tiny tiles.  Hopefully they change the packaging so that this does not happen, unless it just happened to me.  Once you get the tiles inside and lock the Cryptosteel the “setup” is pretty much finished.

The Verdict

If you are going to be investing a lot of money into Bitcoin or another crypto currency then proper back ups are a must.  There are a few options other than Cryptosteel’s but what I really like about Cryptosteel is that I do not have to send/put my seed anywhere online.  Instead I just have to place tiles into a fireproof, extremely strong cold storage device.  I’m happy that I got myself a Cryptosteel it is definitely an awesome Bitcoin product to have.  If anyone has any questions about it, feel free to ask.

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