Coinbase Exchange

Coinbase has recently opened a Bitcoin exchange in the U.S.  Whats the big deal, well before there was not a way that you could easily and quickly buy bitcoins at a price you want.  The other thing is Coinbase is one of the better companies when it comes to security.  There security is so “strong” that I’m unable to become verified because their third-party verification companies thinks it knows me better than I do.  Before the Coinbase exchange you had to buy/sell at a price set by whatever company you were using, now its different.  There is only one problem, and its a pretty big one; it only operates in 24 states.  Hopefully this number grows, because at this moment I am unable to use it.  So congrats Coinbase…I hope I can use the exchange eventually as its one more thing I can cross off my wishlist (the first was a true Bitcoin exchange).

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