Circle is a new Bitcoin exchange that is currently in an invitation only program.  I signed up for Circle as soon as I heard about it, the thing that caught my eye was that there was no fee when it came to using their service, second their ideas and goals were pretty neat.  Circle is trying to increase the security and ease of use of electronic payments using Bitcoin.  I really like companies that put the community before themselves as it shows they really care about their customers and their product.

Their website is very easy to use and their gui (graphical user interface) is quite nice.  Soon after getting my invitation by email I began setting everything up.  Before you can buy Bitcoins you must verify your identity, then you must add a bank account or credit card.  Once you do that you can instantly begin buying Bitcoins, there is no delay for buying Bitcoins.  Selling Bitcoins is a little longer and the money takes a little longer than it does to buy Bitcoins.  Also if you don’t want to keep your Bitcoins on your computer and want to securely store it and have easy access, then Circle is a good choice for you.  So if they are hacked and your Bitcoins are stolen your money is still yours (see their blog post for more on their insurance here).  They also have an excellent customer service program which makes dealing with them very easy and painless.

I ended up switching from Coinbase to Circle because Coinbase didn’t allow me to instantly buy and withdraw Bitcoins unless I had a Visa credit card and completely verify every part of your identity.



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