BitTorrent Sync Pro

I have been using BitTorrent Sync Pro for the past three months, using it to transfer my important files from my desktop to my laptop and phone.  I really enjoy using BitTorrent Sync Pro compared to other file syncing and cloud storage programs.  You can sync a lot more data than any other competitor, the only limit is how much hard drive space you have.   This is because your data is sent from one device to the next, it never touches a third-party server.  This is an advantages but at the same time a disadvantage.  The advantage being you never have to worry about someone else being able to get access to your data.  The disadvantage is that unless one of your devices is offsite, then you may be at risk for physical damage.  BitTorrent Sync Pro is also a lot faster than its competitors, I can add a file to the sync folder and it a few seconds later it will appear on my laptop.

BitTorrent Sync Pro is a great way to sync your files across your devices or sending data to friends and family.  It is not the most user-friendly of the solutions out there, compared to its competition.   Besides a spares GUI, and your data never residing on a third party server.  There are not many reasons not to buy BitTorrent Sync Pro.  For me, I am loving it and I hardly notice that it is a service provided to me I could easily believe it was built into Windows.

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