As cool as Bitcoin is, the majority of the population don’t use it for multiple reasons.  As time goes by, more and more services come out that make the Bitcoin ecosystem a better place.  One such example is Bitnet, a tool that makes accepting Bitcoin easier for merchants. Bitnet allows merchants to instantly accept a transaction without waiting for the transaction to be confirmed across the network.  One could say that the confirmation delay is a negative to using Bitcoin, but people can’t use that as an excuse to not use Bitcoin because now there is no wait time.  To make sure that the transaction will really happen, Bitnet analyses the transaction to make sure it is real.  And to furthermore protect the merchants, if a transaction never gets sent to the merchant, Bitnet will pay the merchant.

I wish I had my own small business so I could accept Bitcoin and take advantage of all sorts of awesome services and tech that are now available. Bitnet makes accepting Bitcoin for merchants a lot easier, without having to wait the network to confirm a transaction; merchants can sleep safe knowing that they were not ripped off.

Update: Now Bitnet has been acquired by Uphold.

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