21 Bitcoin’s Mining Computer

21 Inc has recently made a new Bitcoin computer that has multiple functions.  The 21 Bitcoin computer can mine Bitcoins, it can be a digital store on the web, pay people for sharing your links, rent out any internet of things hardware and buy and sell bitcoins.  The 21 computer has a lot of abilities thanks to the fact it has a full data center backend and a mining chip built on top of a raspberry pi.  Note that the bitcoin mining chip inside is quite small and will not make a lot of money for the user.  The idea for including a mining chip is that the user will spend micro payments on internet services.

The 21 Inc computer


As with every new Bitcoin technology, I am always excited to see how it develops and how it is used.  With this computer there are many possibilities, this computer helps spread Bitcoin and the power that comes with it.  These computers could be everywhere, a raspberry pi could be put in all sorts of things helping to grow the Bitcoin network or even fuel other internet of thing applications.  It would be very cool to see every major home appliance having a small Bitcoin computer like this inside of it, powering a decentralized network.

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