Winhost Review

Looking for a great hosting company for your future website? Winhost premium hosting company is a great hosting company, I can’t compare Winhost to its competitors because I have never used another hosting company and have not needed to.  From my experience Winhost is a great hosting company, they really care about their customers and the job that they do.  My favorite part about Winhost is their customer service, I have never dealt with a better customer support team.  Once there was a DDoS attack and almost everyone’s websites went down, Winhost immediately notified its customers of what was happening and keep us updated until it was fixed (which was quite fast).  Whenever I have a question or a problem and fill out a support ticket I usually get a reply under half an hour,  just today I had a question and two minutes later I got a reply.  If you’re looking for a very affordable host, Winhost has different tiers of pricing each with more features.  The different pricing options are $3.95 per month, $7.95 and $15.95 per month.  For a full list of features and more information is here.  Also feel free to contact their customer support or sales department as I’m sure they are glad to answer any of your inquiries.  If you are going to purchase hosting or a domain from Winhost; the banner below contains my affiliate ID and Winhost will pay me for anyone that I refer to them.

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