What is it?

Retroshare is a friend to friend serverless program, it has a built-in email client,instant messaging,group chat,file sharing and Voice over IP.  You connect to other users by exchanging GPG keys, there is no way to connect with anyone as you must exchange keys before you can communicate with anyone.  But friends of friends can can exchange files, creating a chain of users.  Because Retroshare is a friend to friend and not peer-to-peer it is a lot harder to identify and monitor users.  As there are no central servers, no one can shut it down.

Retroshare’s philosophy – “Is all about sharing and communicating with trusted Friends.  This is the core design of Retroshare: a decentralised Friend-2 Friend network, which allows you to share stuff… not with the whole world..but with people you know and trust.”

The Verdict

I love the idea behind peer-to-peer dark nets.  Its strength is its weakness; because its secure its harder to find people who use it.  Now if only more people used this…


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