Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access is a VPN; a VPN stands for virtual private network.  VPNS can be used for many purposes, in Private Internet Access’s case they use VPNs  Private Internet Access encrypts your traffic to prevent eavesdropping , allows you to have uncensored access to the internet while browsing anonymous.  My I really enjoy using Private Internet Access because you barely notice a difference in your internet speed, I’ve tried other vpns and my speed dropped a lot.  They also have a huge amount of ips that you can connect to you can pretend to be in Europe or Asia, they gateways on almost every continent.  It is really easy to use their VPN, you download their client and login and you immediately can browse securely.  They have a huge feature list and support Windows, Mac, Android and IOS.  My favorite feature has to be the VPN kill switch, if your connection gets cut off, the app blocks all traffic to and from your computer so your “real” identity is kept safe, I use the app and the kill switch on my android tablet and I don’t even notice the different when it is on or all.  I really like Private Internet Access, they are very cheap while offering a surprising amount of features.  And if you are super paranoid, you can pay in Bitcoin and become super anonymous.  The only thing I dislike is that they are in the U.S which makes it easier for the secret government organizations to steal data from it, but they claim that they don’t log anything other than the email address and payment data so they have nothing to give if they were forced to hand over data.  Currently they are my favorite VPN to use thanks to great features and great security.

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