is a website and a program that allows anyone to easily confirm another persons identity from one source.  It also is a pgp key directory, it’s easy to find someones public key.  You can use your own key or generate one using their website (I had problems using my own key so I used their key generator to make a new key.  For example if I want to prove I own this website, keybase would give me an html file to upload to my website.  It’s currently in an invitation only system, but it’s fairly easy to get a key.  After a few days the mods at Keybase will give you keys to give out, now I have 10 keys to give out (Just send me an email using the contact form here.)

What I think about Keybase

I really like Keybase it’s not fully devolved but it is usable and there are more features coming.  It’s a shame that pgp isn’t more widespread because it is quite fun to use.

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