Greenaddress is a web-based Bitcoin wallet.  I usually dislike web wallets because most of them have poor security or you don’t have true control over your Bitcoins.  But some web-wallets have features that allow you to recover your Bitcoins if they shut down.  Greenaddress has a lot of features that make using their wallet a lot safer to use.  As always when it comes to passwords, make sure you don’t pick something easy to crack as usually passwords are the weakest link.  Of all the web-based wallets, Greenaddress stands out the most because of its many secure features integrated with a friendly and easy to use interface.

  • Always available as you can login from the client or web browser
  • Two factor authentication to prevent unauthorized transactions
  • Transaction limits/restriction
  • Mnemonic seed – all you have to do is write down a lot of words and you can recover you wallet easily
  • Secure private keys – your private keys are never uploaded to their servers
  • No delay time which means its easy and quick to use
  • A quick access pin that makes login easy to use, and its also secure – 3 wrong attempts and the pin is wiped and you need the Mnemonic seed to login
  • By far my favorite feature is that you can use a USB smartcard called HW.1 with Greenaddress to make your wallet even more secure
  • And their nLockTime prevents you from losing your Bitcoins if they shutdown

The Verdict

I enjoy using Greenaddress to store my Bitcoins, Greenaddress is a great way to securely store your Bitcoins while having them easily accessible.  I use Greenadress with the HW-1 smart card to add an extra layer of security, I recently wrote a review about the HW-1 smart card.  If you’re new to Bitcoin or an expert Greenaddress can make your life a lot easier.

The Send Money Page
Where you Send Money 
The Receive Money Page
Where you Receive Money 
Transactions page
The Transactions page
The Login screen
The Login screen


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