gpg4usb Tutorial

gpg4usb is a small easy to use fully portable encryption tool.  Most of the software surrounding pgp has a steep learning curve or requires knowledge of commands gpg4usb doesnt.  It is my favorite public key encryption tool as it is a balance of functionality and ease of us.  In the past I have had trouble with gpg4win which is another pgp toolkit that offers more a more integrated solution.  Don’t get me wrong gpg4win is a great tool but gpg4usb is easier to use but doesn’t have the same integration that gpg4win has which are mainly plugins for email clients.  My favorite part of gpg4usb is the ability to easily encrypt and decrypt text or files.


The process is very simple, type your text then select the key(s) you send a message to.  You will  be prompted for your password and you’ll be done.  The result looks like step 4.



Simply paste your text into gpg4usb, select your key and click on decrypt.

A word of advice when using gpg/pgp; make backups of your keys and don’t forget your password.  As there is no recovery feature for your keys, if you lose it or forget it then you are screwed.  If there is a way to recover your keys let me know, I have lost a few but never really used them for anything.

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